Seks op internet 4: The Church of Cock deel 2

De Church of Cock kent een in strikte regels vastgelegde rituele voorbereiding op het ontvangen van Cum, net zoals de Rooms-Katholieke Kerk zijn rituelen kent voor het ontvangen van de Heilige Hostie als lichaam van Christus en het zegenen van wijn als het bloed van de Heer. Deze regels bevatten ook instructies om de nieuwe heilsleer te verspreiden onder niet-gelovigen.

Cum only diet rules:
Rule 1: For 7 days in the row you are not allowed to eat anything that does not contain cum.
• If at any point you are not able to stomach the cum, you’ll not eat anything!
• If at any point you are not able to get any cum to put on your meal, you’ll not eat!
Rule 2: If you have a sex organ that can produce cum (penis or sissy-clit) you are allowed to use your own cum the first time you do the diet.
Rule 3: After your 2nd time doing the diet you’ll have to use another man’s cum every day of the week.
Rule 4: After your 3rd time doing the diet everything you eat has to consist of at least 30% cum
Rule 5: After your 5th time doing the diet everything you eat has to consist of at least 60% cum from at least 2 different guys.
Rule 6: After your 10th time doing the diet you are not allowed to eat anything but cum.
Rule 7: You’ll start with doing a cum-only-diet-week at least once every 3 months and the time between the diet-weeks decreases by at least one week every time. So after about 12 times every week will be a cum-only-diet-week.
Rule 8: Every time you are on the diet you reblog this post and describe your experiences. Post some pics too and tag them.

Begin each day with your daily affirmation and walk out that door in the right frame of mind. Deze aansporing van de Church of Cock wordt kracht bijgezet middels het aanbieden van gebeden die dagelijks kunnen worden gereciteerd ter meerdere eer en glorie van Cock.

I will find a cock today and I will worship it.
I will take it in my mouth and feel its warmth on my tongue.
I will feel its cum flow down my throat, over my body, into my mind and soul.
I will drink it freely and experience TRUE BLISS.

COCK DUMP is het parool: All You Think About is COCK; All You Talk About Is COCK; A Good Day Means More COCKS Than Yesterday; All You Need For Lunch Is CUM; Airheads Don’t Need Oxygen; Deep Throat Until You Pass Out.

Black cocks hebben een special status:

Black cock is God.
Once you accept that you have become totally addicted to black cock, feminization is your best way to live a happy life.

De Church of Cock heeft zijn eigen priesters, predikers en missionarissen zoals Mistress Brandi.

Mistress Brandi says:
You can’t hide, everyone knows you crave cock: give in, come out.
Satisfy your craving, start sucking cock: you’re ready, it’s time.
I can tell you’re turning more gay everyday: you can’t control it, give in.
You need to be out. You need to be gay. You need to be a suck slut.
You want cock. You need cock. Everyone knows and we love it. GAY IS HOT.
Let your cocklust control you, don’t be shy, you need cock: give in, it’s time.
You can’t hide it, your ass is begging for cock.
You need this, you’re a cum-crazed suck slut.
Out yourself, be openly gay: you need cock.
Don’t be afraid, you’re ready: SUCK COCK.

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