Incest 2: Brother and sister

In de kindertijd wordt veel gespeeld, zo ook door broers en zussen en door broers en zussen met elkaar. Spelletjes kunnen een seksuele lading krijgen, waardoor broers en zussen heel anders naar elkaar gaan kijken en anders omgaan met elkaar.

I lost my virginity to a cousin during a game of truth or dare. I was dared to put my cock inside her and ‘hump’ for 5 minutes while my sister and a few friends watched. Almost three minutes in I had to pull out and when I did I was shooting streams of cum all over her belly, pussy, the couch and floor. Later that night after everyone went home and we were getting ready for bed , my sister came into my bedroom and said it was really cool watching me cum.
I offered to let her watch me again. I talked her into getting naked cause I thought it would help. As she stroked me she said ‘Do I gotta suck it out?’ and I moaned ‘Yea’. I told her I was gonna cum so she pulled it out of her mouth and I painted my sister with my cum. That day started incestual relationships with my sister and cousin for years to come.

Als het verboden gebied van de seks tussen broer en zus eenmaal is betreden, verandert het ouderlijk huis al snel in een utopisch, paradijselijk oord met tal van mogelijkheden voor seks. Als zus Eva broer Adam de appel van verleiding voorhoudt neemt broer Adam een ferme hap uit de verboden vrucht. Deze smaakt ook naar meer. There are two types of people in the world: those who say they want to fuck their sister and those who lie.

I remember when he didn’t even know the first thing about pleasuring a woman. But look at my little brother now, eating his sister’s pussy just the way I like it.
My brother will drive me anywhere.
Do see something you like, little brother?
C’mon bro. Let’s ditch, school and get high together. You know how crazy I get when I’m high…
Hurry up bro, fuck my mouth, mom and dad’ll be home soon and I need to swallow your cum before that, jam it in there honey.
Okay Brother here is your dare: You have to fuck me on the balcony where Mom an Dad could see us when they come home from the beach…
Hey little brother….Come on in and close the door…it’s time we had a little fun…now, get undressed and come ride your big sister…
Jump on in, little brother, it’s time I made a man out of you…we can’t let that huge cock of yours go to waste.

Yeah that’s it, little brother… you like the way I stroke your cock? Ohh yeah, come on… cover your slutty sister with cum!
Oh yes…that’s it…slide your lovely virgin cock into your slutty big sisters cunt.
That’s it little brother, stroke that big cock for your big sister. I’m such a naughty little girl to play with little brother’s perfect cock. I want you to cum for me little bro. Oh yes like that. All over my face baby. Mmmmm it feels so good to have my little brother cum on my face. Give me that cock and let me suck out every last drop.
Alright bro. Now go back out there have fun with your friends. And remember, if you get a hard on again I’ll be waiting in here for you.

De spelletjes worden helemaal interessant als de moeder in plaats van broer en zus te straffen juist met hen mee wil doen. Neen, niet de vader opvallend genoeg, want dit zou mogelijk homoseksuele seks tussen vader en zoon opleveren met de zus als getuige en dat is blijkbaar net een brug te ver voor de porno-sites op internet.

I’d been fucking my sister for about a month… And every time we did it, it felt amazing… But on that one morning, it hit another level. ‘KIMMY, WHA…, OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!’ We were both stunned: caught by our mom! ‘Mom, we’re so sorry about this! We’ll never do this agai-‘ ‘That’s not how this is going down… Oh, I’m just… matching what you guys are doing, you don’t mind, do you? You know what the best part is?’ (Mother is undressing herself) ‘What?…I didn’t know what to think or do…I was stunned, but the best was yet to come.’ ‘I’m gonna fuck your brother, Kimmy’.

I heard the muffled moans from down the hall. And as I entered my daughter’s room, she saw me over the shoulders of the young man who brutally pounded her pussy against the wall. And she smiled. And I smiled back. I recognized the young man slamming his huge cock into my daughter to be my son. My kids were always close and I had always had my suspicions. But now that it was happening right in front of me, I knew I wanted to join them.

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