Incest 1: Mother and son

De moeder-zoon relatie is volgens de psychoanalyse het prototype van incest. De moeder is het felbegeerde lustobject dat de zoon wil bezitten in concurrentie met de vader. Vanuit de moeder bezien kan de zoon substituut voor de vader worden als het bij de echtgenoot niet lukt. Op internet wordt deze mogelijkheid voor seks in alle toonaarden bezongen.

As soon as the divorce was finalized, Sarah wasted no time letting her Son take his father’s place.
Most women are shocked by the idea of letting their sons fuck them. Me, I’m shocked any mom can do without it!! Just the feeling when Brandon comes inside me! Feeling the pleasure he gets from his mother’s warm, loving vagina, his relief as he releases all that hot, pent-up sperm deep into me. Then he sucks my titties, exhausted and happy. What mommy wouldn’t want to make her son feel so GOOD!
I figured once my son turned 18 he would be out of the house, but I guess he wanted to stay closer to home. Son, what do you think of my new lingerie, do you like it? I love tempting my son. Son, wanna join me in the pool? As a mother I like sharing a hotel room with my son.

Nu staat de phallus van de zoon centraal, de zoon neemt de plaats in van de vader. Zonder storende echtgenoot in de buurt kan de moeder volop van de pik van haar zoon genieten. Zij is het die de zoon seksuele adviezen geeft, doet wat hij van haar vraagt, die complimenten van hem krijgt, aandacht voor hem heeft, voor hem zorgt, hem zich goed laat voelen en die ook zelf intens van hem geniet en van hem houdt met een allesverzengende liefde.

Mom always like to remind you why she’s better than girls your age. You see boy! there is no need to jerk off when your mom is at home.
My son told me that his father was the luckiest man alive. Because he shared his bed with the sexiest woman he knew. How could I not fuck him after such a compliment?
My son fucks me better than his father ever did. There’s not a cock in the world that tastes better than my son’s.
Okay baby, mommy will help you by stroking all that built up cum out of your hard cock. Good boy. Let Mommy taste your excitement.
Just like that baby. Cum for mommy. She just wants to make that big cock feel good.
Mmmmm that’s it baby boy, let mommy take care of that cock. I’ll make sure it feels really good.
As I lowered myself onto my son’s rock hard penis for the first time I realized that I loved my son more deeply than anyone I had ever loved before.
Haven’t you noticed how mommy’s been wearing less and less around the house after your dad leaves for work for the night?
I can get my son to do anything if I don’t wear a bra. ‘Close the door, mommy wants to show you something.’
‘Pull down your shirt mom, let me see those tits.’ I do what my son tells me to do.
Don’t you want to fuck mommy? Come fuck your beautiful mother, son. Oh yes, yes son, fuck your mommy… Cum son! Cum for mommy ahhhhhh…

De zoon weet een en ander wel te waarderen.

I had dreamed about this moment for years. My mom on her back willingly accepting my cock… those big tits moving with every thrust! I already thought my mom was beautiful but when she looked into my eyes with my cock in her mouth i fell in love. After my Girlfriend dumped me for another dude, mom showed me that I really didn’t need her… My mom is a MILF and I fuck her every day. Sometimes Mom just needs it, and Dad’s not always around… I think about my mom’s fat ass every time I masturbate. My friends don’t blame me for having sex with my Mom. No girl rides cock like my mom. You don’t know how amazing it feels to blow a load all over your mom’s chest. This is why I love going to the beach with my mom. Mom knows exactly what I like to eat when I come home from school. I love grabbing and squeezing Mom’s big tits when I fuck her. Mom knows how to get my attention. I love fucking my mom. Mommy makes everything better. Her touch is magic. Mom always knew how to get me to drop everything and hurry home. Mom had given me full license. Mom is such a pro. Here it comes mom, I’m cumming. Feed me, Mommy. Let me make you happy, Mommy. Let me be your good boy.

Het antwoord van de moeder op al deze loftuitingen van haar zoon laat zich makkelijk raden.

Oh god baby. Your cockhead is huge. I’m gonna tease it so good…Gently flicking my tongue right underneath your massive swollen and shiny cockhead… One finger teasing the magic spot right below the head of your cock is all it takes. We will take it one stroke at a time, as you get closer to orgasm I will go slower and slower… Light and gentle massage. Is that frustrating for you? It sure makes your cock really really hard. I know it’s really sensitive… Just close your eyes if it’s too much for you to handle baby. Oh I’m gonna take you to the edge repeatedly until you can’t take it no more. Getting close baby? Even your balls are shaking. I love each and every single drop of sticky precum I can tease out of your hard throbbing cock. Gently rubbing your magic spot until you can’t hold it back any longer. It’s okay baby. You can cum now. Show me how much cum I’ve b uild up in those big swollen balls. There is nothing that turns me on more than to see a cock shoot it’s warm cum all over the place.

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